If you are an RC Hobbiest or a serious competitor you have come to the right place. We are your one stop shop for all things RC. Our business is founded on the principal of providing our customers with the very best quality products at the very best price. Our company is, above all else, about Power and Precision. This is why we represent some of the finest manufacturers in the business (see our list below).

We also have links to highly qualified engineers and design specialists who focus on custom design for special projects including CNC work, 3D design and build capability, prototyping and 3 and 4 Axis routing capability.

And we are proud to be a supplier in the design and build of what is sure to be the next head turner in the RC Community: The B1 Bomber (The home of the B-One). Stay tuned for information on the maiden flight of this magnificent plane in 2020.

Our industry recognized manufacturers include

Pulse Batteries, the most respected batteries in the business, because they deliver the longest Power/Cycle life and Reliability;

MKS Servos for all your servo needs;

Graupner USA for outstanding Radio’s, Chargers, Servo’s and Drones;

AMT Netherlands a manufacturer of precision-made Turbine RC Engines,

RJX Hobby for all things RC;

Smart-Fly Fasteners, Regulators, Batteries and Power Systems;

Fromeco Scale Avionics;

RTL Fasteners for the best quality Hardware for engine powered Radio Controlled Aircraft; and

Fokke RC a manufacture of Precise High-Quality Wooden and Composite Kits for Scale Warbirds.